Be Honest! What Do You Check First On Your Mobile Phone In The Morning?


Over the recent years,  you would agree with me that it is almost impossible to find at least 8 out of 10 people who aren’t addicted to their mobile smartphones.

Smartphones have been a source of distraction to many people especially during this time of many interesting trending topics on the world of social medias and the internet generally.

While we still have some people who aren’t addicted to their phones, of course there are people of such even though they are very limited, me as a writer of this post is also guilty of this allegation called “Phone Addiction”.

I go to bed pressing phones and I wake up looking around for my phone. Well, I know many of us fall into this category. But the question I want to ask is if you get up in the morning and you look around for your phone, what do you do first on the smartphone? As for me, first thing I would do is to check the time.

What about you? Drop your comments!!!


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