Download: Latest Naijaloaded WordPress Theme / Template

Download Latest Naijaloaded WordPress Theme, This theme is one of the most sought for theme by Nigerian Bloggers and this is because of no other reason but it’s flexibility, customization, responsiveness, simplicity, its beautiful mobile display which enhances user’s experience.

The theme is of course a wordpress theme, Carrington Mobile theme which is one of the best mobile wordpress theme used mostly by Nigerian bloggers for the reasons stated above.

They use a wordpress plugin which switches theme depending on the device you visit their website with, i.e they have different look when you visit on a mobile phone or a desktop computer.

You can download the theme below and configure it to your taste! perhaps you need help with the configuration, you can chat me on whatsapp

Also, if you like this site’s theme and interested in having this template on your website, you can whatsapp the number above.

Download Latest Naijaloaded WordPress Theme Below:

They uses “Carrington Mobile Theme” which is one of the most used mobile theme on wordpress due to its simplicity and flexibility as they mobile theme, however they have done lots of customization both on the HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP to have it look so awesome the way it is now.

The theme is very unique for its simplicity and beauty when well installed, infact lots of websites in Nigeria uses this theme although with few changes made to it,  so if they website can look so good then yours should also, so don’t hesitate to grab the theme below.

Download zip file below:

Download Naijaloaded Theme