Giveaway!!!! Predict The Score Of Scotland Vs Belgium Match And Win #5000


Hello Fellow 9jacasers. Thanks For The Support you’ve given to us here at

Here at 9jacase H/Q, we made up our mind to do a wonderful giveaway for our ever-caring fans all over Nigeria.

Predict the score of the match between Scotland and Belgium on Monday!!!

Note: We’re giving out #5,000 to 5 different people, making a total of #25,000


1. Predict in this Format:

Scotland 2-0 Belgium (Hazard)

2. Include the name of a player that’ll score. If not, the comment won’t be honored.

3. Comment with your name as it is on your Bank Account. If not, you won’t be allowed to receive your money

4. Never comment your account Number or Phone number.

5. Never reply a comment. Make sure you post your own comment as a new one.

6. You are allowed to refer friends and family to also benefit from this offer.

That’s all. Let’s meet in the comment section.

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